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Counseling Resources

Counseling Resources and Therapy Resources - Engage your clients with effective therapy tools

More and more practitioners today are looking for ways to actively engage their clients in their healing process.  We are pleased to offer a large collection of counseling resources and therapy resources. These workbooks are filled with therapy tools including assessments, self-reflection activities, journaling, and creative exercises.

If you need assistance picking out the right counseling resources or therapy resources, please give us a call.

Enhance your library of therapy tools, counseling resources and therapy resources with Whole Person workbooks

Our workbooks are filled with reproducible therapy tools for you to use with groups or individuals. Many of the workbooks include two key elements that will enhance your work with your clients – Assessments and Journaling Activities.

The Assessments and Journaling Activities are reproducible and ready to be photocopied for participants’ use. Assessments contained the workbooks focus on self-reported data and are similar to ones used by psychologists, counselors, therapists and career consultants. Accuracy and usefulness of the information provided is dependent on the truthful information that each participant provides through self-examination. By being honest, participants help themselves to learn about unproductive and ineffective patterns, and to uncover information that might be keeping them from being as happy and/or as successful as they might be.

An assessment instrument can provide participants with valuable information about themselves; however, it cannot measure or identify everything about them. The purposes of the assessments are not to pigeon-hole certain characteristics, but rather to allow participants to explore all of their characteristics. This book contains self-assessments, not tests. Tests measure knowledge or whether something is right or wrong. For the assessments in this book, there is no right or wrong answer. These assessments ask for personal opinions or attitudes about a topic of importance in the participant’s career and life. Use them to help participants identify negative themes in their lives and then use the therapy resources supplied in the book to find ways to break the hold that these patterns and their effects have.  

The art of self-reflection goes back many centuries and is rooted in many of the world’s greatest spiritual and philosophical traditions. Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, was known to walk the streets engaging the people he met in philosophical reflection and dialogue. He felt that this type of activity was so important in life that he proclaimed, “The unexamined life is not worth living!” The unexamined life is one in which the same routine is continually repeated without ever thinking about its meaning to one’s life and how this life really could be lived. However, a structured reflection and examination of beliefs, assumptions, characteristics and patterns can provide a better understanding which can lead to a more satisfying life and career. A greater level of self-understanding about important life skills is often necessary to make positive, self-directed changes in the negative patterns that keep repeating throughout life. The assessments and exercises in this book can help promote this self-understanding. Through involvement in the in-depth activities, the participant claims ownership in the development of positive patterns.

Journaling is an extremely powerful counseling resource for enhancing self-discovery, learning, transcending traditional problems, breaking ineffective life and career habits, and helping to heal from psychological traumas of the past. From a physical point of view, writing reduces stress and lowers muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate levels. Psychologically, writing reduces feelings of sadness, depression and general anxiety, and leads to a greater level of life satisfaction and optimism. Behaviorally, writing leads to enhanced social skills, emotional intelligence and creativity.

By combining the powerful therapy tools of reflective assessment and journaling, your participants will engage in meaningful and effective processes.  Please browse through our bookstore and pick out the counseling resources and therapy resources that will best fit your needs.