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Relaxation Audio products from Whole Person

The Whole Person relaxation audio series ranges from simple breathing and stretching exercises, to classic autogenic and progressive relaxation sequences, to guided meditations and whimsical daydreams. We have grouped the relaxation audio albums into 11 categories to assist you in choosing the products that best meet your needs. Available in CD format or as MP3 digital downloads!

Relaxation Audio Categories:

Relax Let Go Relax IconSensational Relaxation

When stress piles up, it becomes a heavy load to bear—a physical and emotional burden. Experience the liberating power of stress relief with these full-length relaxation audio experiences. Each appeals to the senses and teaches specific relaxation techniques and skills that can be used again and again.

Stress Escapes IconStress Breaks

Take five! Stress Breaks are short and sweet, designed to be used as an energy booster or a short time-out from stress. Try one of these healthy pick-me-ups or tension relievers whenever you need a change of pace.


Imaging is any easy, natural process you use hundreds of times a day—any time you visualize the face of a loved one, mentally hum a favorite tune, or recall or anticipate the taste of a special food. This same valuable process can help you relax when you’re in a tough spot or after a busy day by visualizing peaceful, comforting images.

Wilderness Daydreams 1 IconWilderness Daydreams

For those who find comfort, relaxation, and healing in nature—six special relaxation audio journeys into the wilderness. Guided imagery evokes the sensations of tranquil natural settings: a campfire . . . a marsh meadow . . . a placid lake . . . and many more. Narrators guide the daydreams to the accompaniment of soothing music or nature sounds. Luxuriate in the life-giving powers of the natural environment!

Healing Visions IconMini-Meditations

These brief relaxation audio guided visualizations begin with focusing your breathing and uncluttering your mind so that you can concentrate on a sequence of sensory images that promote relaxation, centering, healing, and growth.

Healthy Balancing IconGuided Meditation

Beyond relaxation lies the connection between body and mind. Wellness-oriented meditation unites the physical self with inner wisdom for growth, healing, and positive life change. Guided meditations and imagery help listeners connect with their inner values and spiritual strengths. Use the meditations again and again as a guide and a catalyst for insight, centering, and balancing—or to deal with chronic pain.

Worry Stoppers IconPanic Busters

Learn to turn off the panic button and let go of worry and anxiety. Panic Busters are designed to teach you to manage feelings of panic and anxiety when they occur and to prevent worry from getting out of hand. The visualization and breathing exercises will truly prove that mind over matter works.

Massage IconDo-It-Yourself Wellness

Tap in to your natural wellness resources with guided imagery and movement that enhance whole person well-being: body, mind, and spirit. These unusual relaxation audio CDs include daily self-care routines that promote a healthy lifestyle as they melt away tension and affirm your own inner wisdom.

Wholesome Relaxation IconYoga Meditation

Become calm, clear, and confident with the guided relaxation, imagery, and affirmations included on these relaxation audio CDs. Listen often to release stress, refresh your outlook, and reclaim energy. The scripts are taken from Julie’s popular book, Yoga Meditations.

Contemplation IconSoothing Backgrounds

Take a break at work, set the mood for contemplation, start your day with clarity and purpose, or end your evening feeling calm and renewed. For a powerful relaxation and learning experience, combine the music below with guided imagery scripts from our collection of guided imagery books.

Warm and Heavy IconAll Relaxation CDs