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Lyle Wildes

Lyle Wildes spent 19 months in state prison and 19 years in Federal Prisons. He was released December 20, 2007 and lives in Duluth, MN. A native of Lime Ridge, Wisconsin, Lyle holds degrees in sociology and philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Before prison, he taught college philosophy and operated a cutting-edge mobile home transportation service.

He developed the Positive Attitude Development (PAD) program in prison and spent the final 18 years of his federal prison term teaching it to fellow inmates and prison volunteers from the outside. A voracious reader, Lyle read more than a thousand books in prison, with a special interest in brain research.

When he is not teaching PAD, Lyle loves to run, play handball, listen to the blues, and lift weights. His post-prison goal is to “change the world by helping people to become the best they can be.”

  • Lyle never intended to become a brain coach, but life often defines a role that is too compelling to ignore:
  • Lyle is an accomplished academic and author
  • Professional trainer
  • Keynote speaker
  • Highly innovative group facilitator

“I have found that organizations and companies can become as lost as individuals. It has been my privilege to help identify my client's core values and to engage them in the process of applying them for the greater good of all.”

Link to Lyle’s website: www.wildesbraincoach.com