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Anxiety worksheets, assessments tools and guided imagery scripts help folks cope with anxiety issues

  • Managing Intense Anxiety
    Managing Intense Anxiety Workbook
    Managing Intense Anxiety Workbook
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    Managing Intense Anxiety Workbook ($49.95)Managing Intense Anxiety Workbook: PDF eBook ($29.95)Managing Intense Anxiety Card Deck ($9.95)Managing Intense Anxiety: Print & PDF eBook Bundle ($59.95)
  • Managing Anxiety for Teens
    Managing Anxiety Workbook for Teens ($49.95)Managing Anxiety Workbook for Teens: PDF eBook ($29.95)Managing Anxiety for Teens Card Deck ($9.95)Managing Anxiety Workbook for Teens: Print & PDF eBook Bundle ($59.95)
  • Anxiety Worksheets, anxiety assessment tools
    Overcoming Panic, Anxiety & Phobias
    Overcoming Panic, Anxiety & Phobias
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  • WorkingWithGroupsToOvercomePanicAnxietyAndPhobiasMedium.gif
    Working with Groups to Overcome Panic, Anxiety & Phobias ($19.95 On Sale!)Working with Groups to Overcome Panic, Anxiety & Phobias Digital Worksheet Masters ($12.95)
  • Anxiety Worksheets, anxiety assessment tools
    Coping with Anxiety Workbook
    Coping with Anxiety Workbook
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    Coping with Anxiety Workbook ($39.95)Coping with Anxiety Workbook: PDF eBook ($19.95)Coping with Anxiety: Print & PDF eBook Bundle ($49.95)Coping with Anxiety Card Deck ($9.95)
  • Calm-Down-Icon.gif
    Calm Down CD/MP3 Album
    Calm Down CD/MP3 Album
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    Turn off the panic button

    Let go of anxiety . . . breathe away stress and experience total body relaxation. Techniques endorsed by leading clinical experts provide immediate panic relief and help listeners learn the skills they need to manage anxiety before it gets out of control.

    Three scripts are narrated with the soothing background music of Steven Halpern.

    Track 1: Progressive Relaxation. (23:48)

    Track 2: Calming Breath. (13:26)

    Track 3: Mindful Meditation. (10:08)

    Script Title Time Narration Music Type of Relaxation
    Progressive Relaxation 23:48 female piano progressive
    Calming Breath 13:26 female piano guided imagery
    Mindful Meditation 10:08 female piano breathing/meditation
    Calm Down CD ($9.95)Calm Down MP3 Album ($9.95)Progressive Relaxation - Track 1 (mp3) ($4.00)Calming Breath - Track 2 (mp3) ($4.00)Mindful Meditation - Track3 (mp3) ($4.00)
  • Relaxation Audio - Worry Stoppers
    Worry Stoppers CD/MP3 Album
    Calm yourself down

    When your mind overflows with worry or anxiety, your body tightens up. These five calming visualization exercises will help you learn new ways to breathe, relax, clear your mind, and release tension. After practicing awhile, you can use the techniques as quick tension relievers anytime . . . day or night. Music by Steven Eckels.

    Track 1: 10-Second Breathing. When your mind or body is racing out of control with worry or fear, calm yourself down quickly. (5:01)

    Track 2: Trouble Bubbles. Tune in to your worries and blow them away. (5:44)

    Track 3: Train of Thought. Use this simple visualization to keep your thoughts on track and your feelings at ease. (5:35)

    Track 4: Rest in Peace. Enjoy the peace and freedom of putting all your worries, anxieties, and concerns to rest. (5:55)

    Track 5: Passive Progressive Relaxation. Experience the benefits of total-body relaxation. (22:09)

    Script Title Time Narration Music Type of Relaxation
    10-Second Breathing 5:01 female guitar breathing
    Trouble Bubbles 5:44 female guitar guided imagery
    Train of Thought 5:35 female guitar visualization
    Rest in Peace 5:55 female guitar visualization
    Passive Progressive Relaxation 22:09 female guitar progressive
    Worry Stoppers CD ($9.95)Worry Stoppers MP3 Album ($9.95)10-Second Breathing - Track 1 (mp3) ($2.00)Trouble Bubbles - Track 2 (mp3) ($2.00)Train of Thought - Track 3 (mp3) ($2.00)Rest In Peace - Track 4 (mp3) ($2.00)Passive Progressive Relaxation - Track 5 (mp3) ($2.00)

Anxiety worksheets, assessments tools and guided imagery scripts help folks cope with anxiety issues

The number of people suffering from anxiety disorders continues to increase and the need for good resources containing creative anxiety worksheets, assessments and structured activities is growing.  The increase in anxiety disorders can be tied to several societal trends:

  • The pace of modern life has increased dramatically in recent decades, and research suggests that this pace will continue to increase. People feel the need to increase the pace at which they do things compared with past generations. Most people live their lives in a constant state of doing rather than simply being. Because of this, many people deprive themselves of appropriate sleep and rest, and they eat foods that do not contain the appropriate nutrients necessary for their good health.
  • Along with the rapid pace of life, people are exposed to monumental technological, social, occupational and environmental changes. This rate of change is so overpowering that many people do not feel they have time to adjust and assimilate the changes into their lives; thus they face increasing anxiety each day.
  • People lack agreement on a set of social values and standards that results in uncertainty about how to live life. Because of an increase in divergent worldviews, globalization and standards portrayed by the media, people are forced to create their own meanings in life and develop their own set of moral values by which to live. When people are unable to find meaning in their lives, they usually turn to less socially acceptable methods for making meaning. This lack of meaning leaves people feeling anxious.
  • People often feel less connected than previous generations. When people feel less connected to themselves, their family, others in the community, or even a higher power, they feel disconnected and alienated. This alienation leads people to perceive threats to their well-being and security.
  • The way that people work has changed dramatically. Many people have been downsized as corporations attempt to operate on tighter budgets and move operations to countries where the cost of labor is less expensive and the people who are able to hold onto their jobs feel anxious about their job-security. People then feel competitive, with the need to work even harder and longer to maintain their current positions.

There are many trends and forces at work that contribute to feelings of fear and anxiety in people. Fear and anxiety are experiences that are familiar to everyone, but many people often have a serious problem with anxiety at some point in their lives. Whole Person books and CDs provide assessment tools, anxiety worksheets, self-guided activities and guided imagery scripts to help people learn effective skills for coping with all forms of anxiety.

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