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Anger Management

Anger management activities, and anger management worksheets for teens and adults

This has been one of Whole Person’s most requested resources over the years.  When folks are managing their anger appropriately, it leads to better health, better relationships, and happier people. Whole Person has produced resources for practitioners, therapists, teachers, health professionals, and counselors to use with adults, teens, and kids. 

Whole Person is pleased to offer anger management activities within a variety of resources.  We have workbooks for the practitioner, therapist, counselor, or trainer to use with clients.  These workbooks include reproducible handouts, activities, scales (assessment tools), and journaling activities.  You and your client can work at your own pace, and you will be able to teach your client valuable skills to help them manage their anger.  The anger management activities in these workbooks can make a huge difference in the lives of people who really struggle with anger and aggression.

  • Anger Management Workbook, Anger Management Worksheets
    The Anger & Aggression Workbook $49.95The Anger & Aggression Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95Anger & Aggression: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Anger & Aggression Card Deck $9.95
  • Anger Management Worksheets for Teens, Anger Management Activities
    Teen Anger Workbook
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    Teen Anger Workbook $49.95Teen Anger Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95Teen Anger: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Anger Card Deck $9.95
  • Anger Management Activities
    ABC's of Anger $19.95

Anger management worksheets for teens and adults, and anger management activities

Anger management experts believe that anger and aggression are primarily learned from people and events in their environment. Since they learned to feel angry, they can also learn other ways to react when they are angry. The books, The Anger and Aggression Workbook and Teen Anger Workbook, including the anger management worksheets and anger management activities, are designed to help people learn about anger and aggression in their life and make constructive changes to better manage their own anger and aggression.

What is the best way to learn to control feelings of anger and aggression? Over the last century many different workbooks, workshops and self-help systems have been designed to help people develop anger management abilities. In the past twenty years, many research studies have focused on the value of self-reflection and journaling as a way of exploring personal characteristics, identifying ineffective behaviors and examining thoughts and feelings that lead to ineffective behaviors. Whole Person workbooks are unique in that they combine two powerful psychological tools for anger management: self-assessment and journaling.

We also produced card decks to supplement the workbooks and anger management worksheets.  The open-ended questions on the cards will help break the ice and lead to meaningful discussions.  The cards invite participants to engage in creative anger management activities, and each question corresponds to a page in the workbook.

Teachers, parents and counselors with love using the ABCs of Anger by Ray Ali.  With this book you can help children identify the underlying reasons for feelings of anger and frustration and help find effective ways of dealing with those feelings.  The artwork, which can be reproduced for coloring, appeals to visual learners.

I think we can all agree that anger management is still needed more than ever.  No doubt, you are already using many great resources to assist you in your work.  The anger management activities included in Whole Person resources can help you even more.  They will help your clients reflect on their own situation and issues around anger, raise awareness of what they want to work on, and teach them skills to better manage their anger.