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The Social Skills Program

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The Social Skills Program $49.95
Inventories, activities and educational handouts

Relationships are an integral part of everybody’s life. Starting, developing, and maintaining satisfying and caring relationships is probably one of the most important and underestimated activities we can engage in as human beings. Relationships with other people are at the very heart of human existence.

Social skills are the most important skills you can acquire in life. Because we must develop relationships in virtually all areas of our lives, your success in everyday interactions, in a career, at home, and with your peers is directly related to how effectively you are able to build and maintain quality relationships.

The Social Skills Program contains five separate modules of informal assessments and activities that will help your students and clients learn more about themselves and the effectiveness of their social skills. These modules serve as an avenue for individuals to engage in self-reflection, as well as in group experiences revolving around topics of importance.

The five modules include:

Communication Effectiveness helps individuals to identify their strengths when communicating with other people.
Conflict Resolution helps individuals to identify their specific style of resolving conflicts with other people.
Interpersonal Style helps individuals to identify their interpersonal style based on their unique personality characteristics.
Social Risk Taking helps individuals explore their effectiveness in taking risks in social situations.
Social Support helps individuals explore the effectiveness of the support system in a person’s life.

Each module includes:

• Assessment instruments
• Group activities
• Pre and post tests
• Educational handouts

Everything in this book is completely reproducible and can be photocopied for direct client and student use.
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