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The Self-Esteem Program

John J. Liptak, EdD, Kathy L. Khalsa, OTR/L and Ester R.A. Lutenberg

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The Self-Esteem Program $49.95
Inventories, activities and educational handouts to help individuals develop insights and life skills.

Self-esteem is indicative of how people view themselves. Self-esteem refers to those positive, negative, and neutral judgments that a person places on his or her self-concept. It entails an evaluation of a person’s emotional, intellectual, and behavioral aspects.

The relationship between self-esteem and a person’s ability to live up to their full potential is undeniable. Self-esteem is directly related to success in life, at work, in school, and in relationships. People with high self-esteem make effective decisions, accept responsibility for their actions, understand and engage in activities that reflect their values, and have a positive perception of themselves and their bodies.

The Self-Esteem Program contains five separate modules of informal assessments and activities that will help your clients and students learn more about themselves and their self-esteem. These modules serve as an avenue for individuals to engage in self-reflection, as well as in group experiences revolving around topics of importance. This book includes directions for easy assessment administration, scoring, and interpretation. In addition, it contains group activities and educational handouts that can be used as overheads or turned into transparencies to assist facilitators who use the assessments in group sessions or in workshops.

Everything in this book is reproducible and can be photocopied for direct client and student use.

The book is divided into the following sections:

Body-Image and Self-Image helps individuals examine how satisfied they are with their bodies and appearances.
Decisions-Making Effectiveness Inventory helps individuals better understand their approach to making life decisions.
Personal Responsibility helps individuals identify how willing they are to accept responsibility for what happens to them.
Self-Esteem helps individuals identify a perception of self-worth, as well as a perception of what others think of them.
Values Motivation Inventory helps individuals identify and explore their dominant values and the effects these values have on their self-esteem and lifestyle.

Each section includes:

• Assessment instruments
• Group activities
• Pre and post tests
• Educational handouts
8 1/2"x11"