Monthly Special

March 2020 Special!

30% DISCOUNT on Workbooks from the Teen Mental Health and Life Skills Series for Teens. Save up to $15 per book during the month of March!

This discount applies to print books as well as PDF eBooks.
  • TeenAddictionsandRecoveryMedium.gif
    Teen Addictions & Recovery Workbook
    Teen Addictions & Recovery Workbook
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    Teen Addictions & Recovery Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Addictions & Recovery Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Addictions & Recovery Card Deck $9.95Teen Addictions & Recovery: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95
  • Bullying Worksheets, Bullying Workbook
    Teen Aggression & Bullying Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Aggression & Bullying Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Aggression & Bullying: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Aggression & Bullying Card Deck $9.95
  • Anger Management Worksheets for Teens, Anger Management Activities
    Teen Anger Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Anger Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Anger: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Anger Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenChoicesMedium.gif
    Teen Choices Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Choices Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Choices: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Choices Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenCommunicationSkillsMedium.gif
    Teen Communication Skills Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Communication Skills Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Communication Skills: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Communication Skills Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenConflictWorkbookMedium.gif
    Teen Conflict Management Skills Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Conflict Management Skills Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Conflict Management: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Conflict Management Card Deck $9.95
  • Teen Friendship
    Teen Friendship Workbook
    Teen Friendship Workbook
    Average rating:
    average rating 90%
    Teen Friendship Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Friendship Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Friendship: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Friendship Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenPracticalLifeSkillsMedium.gif
    Teen Practical Life Skills Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Practical Life Skills Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Practical Life Skills: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Practical Life Skills Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenResiliencyBuildingWorkbookMedium.gif
    Teen Resiliency-Building Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Resiliency-Building Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Resiliency-Building: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Resiliency-Building Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenRespectMedium.gif
    Teen Respect of Self & Others Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Respect of Self & Others Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Respect of Self & Others: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Respect Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenSafetyWorkbookMedium.gif
    Teen Safety Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Safety Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Safety: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Safety Card Deck $9.95
  • self-esteem worksheets, self-esteem scale
    Teen Self-Esteem Workbook
    Teen Self-Esteem Workbook
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    Teen Self-Esteem Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Self-Esteem Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Self-Esteem: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Self-Esteem Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenStressWorkbookMedium.gif
    Teen Stress Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Stress Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Stress: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95Teen Stress Card Deck $9.95
  • TeenViolenceWorkbookMedium.gif
    Teen Violence Workbook $49.95 $34.97Teen Violence Workbook: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97Teen Violence Card Deck $9.95Teen Violence: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95

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