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January 2023 Special!

20%Discount on individual workbooks (print and PDF eBook) from our Coping Series!

  • Anxiety Worksheets, anxiety assessment tools
    Coping with Anxiety Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Anxiety Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Anxiety: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Anxiety Card Deck $9.95
  • CopingwithChangeMedium.gif
    Coping with Change Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Change Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Change: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Change Card Deck $9.95
  • CopingwithChaosMedium.gif
    Coping with Chaos Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Chaos Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Chaos Card Deck $9.95Coping with Chaos: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • CopingwithDifficultPeopleMedium.gif
    Coping with Difficult People Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Difficult People Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Difficult People: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Difficult People Card Deck $9.95
  • CopingwithEmotionalandPhysicalPainMedium.gif
    Coping with Emotional & Physical Pain Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Emotional & Physical Pain Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Emotional & Physical Pain Card Deck $9.95Coping with Emotional & Physical Pain: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • CopingwithEverydayStressorsMedium.gif
    Coping with Everyday Stressors Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Everyday Stressors Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Everyday Stressors Card Deck $9.95Coping with Everyday Stressors: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • CopingwithGuiltandShameMedium.gif
    Coping with Guilt & Shame Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Guilt & Shame Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Guilt & Shame: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Guilt & Shame Card Deck $9.95
  • CopingwithLonelinessMedium.gif
    Coping with Loneliness Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Loneliness Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Loneliness Card Deck $9.95Coping with Loneliness: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • CopingwithNegativityMedium.gif
    Coping with Negativity - Yours & Mine Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Negativity - Yours & Mine Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Negativity Card Deck $9.95Coping with Negativity: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • Coping-with-Sexual-Abuse-Medium
    Coping with Sexual Abuse Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Sexual Abuse Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Sexual Abuse Card Deck $9.95Coping with Sexual Abuse: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • Coping with Sleep Issues
    Coping with Sleep Issues Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Sleep Issues Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Sleep Issues: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Sleep Issues Card Deck $9.95
  • Coping-with-Stress-in-the-Workplace-Medium.gif
    Coping with Stress in the Workplace Workbook $39.95 $31.96Coping with Stress in the Workplace Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95 $15.96Coping with Stress in the Workplace Card Deck $9.95Coping with Stress in the Workplace: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95