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Resilient and Sustainable Caring

Resilient and Sustainable Caring

Karen Schuder Ed.D, M.Div., M.A.M. Be the first one to write a review


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Resilient and Sustainable Caring – Your Guide to Thrive While Helping Others

Resilient, sustainable caring requires intentionality. This book is for family caregivers, healthcare workers, first responders, clergy, hospice personnel, social workers, home healthcare providers, and educators. It provides guidance and practical strategies to thrive while helping others. Grounded in values and purpose, we promote our best, balanced selves. Grounded in values and purpose, we promote our best, balanced selves. As we make the path of helping others wide enough to include self-care, we see more beauty along the way and recover more quickly from challenges. We also decrease anxiety and increase supportive community. All of this means we journey longer and feel happier in our personal and professional helping roles.

Written by Dr. Karen Schuder, Resilient and Sustainable Caring is an essential resource for anyone who cares for others. It's a book that you'll refer to again and again as you navigate the challenges of caregiving.
Here are some of the things you'll learn in this book:

• How to identify the signs of burnout and compassion fatigue
• How to develop healthy coping mechanisms
• How to bring out your strength with core values and purpose
• How to build strong support networks
• How to set healthy boundaries and say no
• How to find joy in your caregiving role
• How to recover from loss
• How to deal with conflict

Caregiver resilience and sustainability is not a solo adventure. We influence and are influenced by the people whose journeys intersect with our own. Helping work often involves families and teams, so the book offers ways to increase group resilience and sustainability. Resilient and Sustainable Caring is grounded in research, social theories, and decades of experience to provide sound, practical guidance.

Resilient and Sustainable Caring represents more than thirty years of learning and experience on how to navigate the demanding journey of helping others. Karen’s doctoral research on ethics and professional development neatly align with literature on countering burnout and compassion fatigue. Her work and training in countering compassion fatigue, conflict mediation, grief, leadership development, organizational culture, and cultural differences provide a solid foundation for her program.

Resilient and Sustainable Caring is a comprehensive guide that will help you stay resilient and sustainable in your caregiving role and provides practical strategies for:

• Managing stress and burnout
• Building strong relationships
• Promoting your best, balanced self
• Decreasing anxiety
• Fostering self-care and self-compassion

Take this journey to promote your best, balanced self and help others do so too. Honest conversations about challenges and strategies are a great way to develop a supportive community with other helpers. Go through the book with colleagues or friends using the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

Resilient and Sustainable Caring is a practical and inspiring guide that will help you thrive as a caregiver!

“Karen’s timely work goes beyond the resiliency support we see in healthcare today. This is a practical guide for truly sustainable self-care translating to the care of others. Health systems would do well to implement such a program.”

– Lisa Prusak, MD




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