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Sandy Queen

Sandy Queen helps people take a better look at their lives through humor, laughter and play. She has developed many innovative programs in the areas of stress reduction, humor, children’s wellness and self-esteem.

Sandy is known throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia as a dynamic lecturer, humorist and educator with a special focus on children and those who work with children, but most importantly, a focus on the child within each of us. She believes most of us misunderstand the nature of well-being. For the most part, we operate as if wellness is a place to get to rather than come from. The truth is, a sense of well-being is a function of our ability to appreciate ourselves, develop an attitude of positive self-regard and from that, make positive choices to give the greatest chance for optimum living. Sandy says we are our own greatest hope for feeling great and promoting well-being physically, mentally and emotionally, as we take the wellness message home with us and effect change in our culture.

Sandy Queen speaks from experience on many topics that affect the health of children, including:

  • The Child in a Stressful Environment
  • The Child and Sexuality
  • Wellness in the Classroom
  • Self-Esteem for Self Empowerment
  • The Parent-Teen (Dis)Connection
  • Drugs: Shortcut to Make-Believe Happiness

Some of Sandy’s presentations include:

  • National Wellness Conference
  • Canadian Wellness Conference
  • American Alliance of Physical Education, Health, Recreation and Dance
  • YMCA National Leadership Conference
  • National Conference on Aging
  • Eastern District Region Conference on Fitness
  • Kentucky Department of Health Conference
  • Tennessee State Health Conference
  • Arkansas State Health Conference

Sandy is currently the founder and director of Lifeworks, Inc. She has served as coordinator of the Outreach program at St. Joseph Hospital, Towson, MD and as East Coast Marketing Manager, Staffing Coordinator for the National Medical Consultants in Kansas City. She received her BS in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, from Towson State University.

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