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Coping Series - Coping Skills

The Coping Series - coping skills for a variety of issues

Picture of the books in our Coping Series with reproducible coping skills worksheets

Workbooks - with coping skills worksheets

Each workbook contains FULLY REPRODUCIBLE guided self-exploration assessments and activities, including coping skills worksheets, to use with a variety of audiences. Each workbook is available as a print book, an eBook or a bundle of both (best value). The entire collection is also available at a substantial discount. 

Each chapter contains two primary elements:

  1. A set of assessments to help participants gather information about themselves in a focused situation.

  2. A set of guided self-exploration activities to help participants process information and learn more effective ways of behaving to cope with specific issues in their lives.


Each workbook is also available as an eBook (PDF file) at a reduced price.

Learn more about the evidence based theory (CBT) behind the workbooks.

Discussion Starter Card Decks

Using card decks with clients will break the ice, help introduce a specific subject, encourage lively discussion, and create space for sharing feelings. Each card deck is full of open-ended, thought-provoking questions, and can be used as a stand-alone activity or in conjunction with the corresponding workbook. The entire collection is also available at a 30% discount.

  • Coping Series with coping skills and coping skills worksheets
    Coping Workbook Collection
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    When you purchase the entire Coping Workbook Collection, you save 30% on the print and PDF eBook collections!


    Coping Workbook Collection: Print $479.40 $335.64Coping Workbook Collection: PDF eBook $239.40
  • Coping Card Decks with coping skills
    Coping Card Deck Collection

    When you purchase the entire Coping Series Card Deck Collection, you save 30%!

    Coping Card Deck Collection $119.40 $83.64
  • Anxiety Worksheets, anxiety assessment tools
    Coping with Anxiety Workbook $39.95Coping with Anxiety Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Anxiety: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Anxiety Card Deck $9.95
  • CopingwithChangeMedium.gif
    Coping with Change Workbook $39.95Coping with Change Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Change: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Change Card Deck $9.95
  • CopingwithChaosMedium.gif
    Coping with Chaos Workbook $39.95Coping with Chaos Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Chaos Card Deck $9.95Coping with Chaos: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • CopingwithDifficultPeopleMedium.gif
    Coping with Difficult People Workbook $39.95Coping with Difficult People Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Difficult People: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Difficult People Card Deck $9.95
  • CopingwithEmotionalandPhysicalPainMedium.gif
    Coping with Emotional & Physical Pain Workbook $39.95Coping with Emotional & Physical Pain Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Emotional & Physical Pain Card Deck $9.95Coping with Emotional & Physical Pain: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • CopingwithEverydayStressorsMedium.gif
    Coping with Everyday Stressors Workbook $39.95Coping with Everyday Stressors Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Everyday Stressors Card Deck $9.95Coping with Everyday Stressors: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • CopingwithGuiltandShameMedium.gif
    Coping with Guilt & Shame Workbook $39.95Coping with Guilt & Shame Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Guilt & Shame: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Guilt & Shame Card Deck $9.95
  • CopingwithLonelinessMedium.gif
    Coping with Loneliness Workbook $39.95Coping with Loneliness Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Loneliness Card Deck $9.95Coping with Loneliness: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • CopingwithNegativityMedium.gif
    Coping with Negativity - Yours & Mine Workbook $39.95Coping with Negativity - Yours & Mine Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Negativity Card Deck $9.95Coping with Negativity: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • Coping-with-Sexual-Abuse-Medium
    Coping with Sexual Abuse Workbook $39.95Coping with Sexual Abuse Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Sexual Abuse Card Deck $9.95Coping with Sexual Abuse: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95
  • Coping with Sleep Issues
    Coping with Sleep Issues Workbook $39.95Coping with Sleep Issues Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Sleep Issues: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95Coping with Sleep Issues Card Deck $9.95
  • Coping-with-Stress-in-the-Workplace-Medium.gif
    Coping with Stress in the Workplace Workbook $39.95Coping with Stress in the Workplace Workbook: PDF eBook $19.95Coping with Stress in the Workplace Card Deck $9.95Coping with Stress in the Workplace: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $49.95