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Stress Management: Professional

Engage your audience with creative stress management activities

One of the best ways to teach people how to manage their stress is to get them involved in interactive stress management activities. Lecturing is also important to help folks understand the basic theory of how stress affects us, but getting your audience actively involved is key.

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Six-Session DVD Course

Here are some tips for trainers as they engage their audience in stress management activities:

Create the rhythm of a presentation or workshop

  • Warm up with an icebreaker. Start with some process inviting participants to get acquainted with the topic and each other.
  • Choose a single focus if you are planning just one session with the audience. If possible, tailor your stress management activities in response to what your audience is concerned about.
  • Encourage your group to share without putting someone on the spot. Always allow people to “pass.”
  • Make sure everyone leaves the session with at least one clear idea about how they can implement what they have learned.

How to get people involved

  • Encourage your participants to share what they already know and what works for them. The greatest gift you can give is to tap into the wisdom and creativity of individuals and the group.
  • Appeal to people with different learning styles by using various strategies to get them involved.
  • Provide time for individual reflection by using exercises that help folks explore their current stressors, coping strategies, and what’s working and not working for them.

Group dynamics for a multi-session workshop

  • At the beginning of each session, participants will need time to regroup, touch base, and focus. Use an icebreaker to help the group get re-acquainted and feel comfortable.
  • For efficiency and bonding, you might want to use a buddy system where participants pair and share at the beginning of each meeting. Switch the pairings a couple of times during the course.
  • As people get to know each other better, you will need to allocate more time during the sessions for interaction. People will be eager to tell their success stories and to hear how others are doing.

Please take a look at what Whole Person offers in terms of stress management activities. You are sure to find something to meet your needs. Good luck as you plan and execute your training.