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Sue Walden

Sue Walden is the founder of ImprovWorks!, an organization dedicated to applying the skills, tools and techniques of improvisation training to business, theater and life. Her experience includes a BA in Education and 35 years of teaching, performing, and widely adapting/applying the techniques of improvisation. She approaches improvisation training as a powerful and joyful way to peel away constraints, restraints and inhibitions, allowing the naturally expressive, collaborative and creative self to emerge.

Sue is an engaging speaker, a dynamic trainer/facilitator, author of Working with Groups to Enhance Relationships, the delightful "Playmeister" of corporate play events, and was the director and a regular performer with San Francisco's longest-running improvisational theater company, "Flash Family" for 28 years. Five years ago, Sue decided to stretch her performing envelope by creating a one-woman improv show that she staged in various locations, including London, UK, Helsinki, Finland, and all over California.

For ten years Sue was a member of the specialty staff for the international, Co-Active Leadership Program, and has presented at both 2005 and 2006 ICF conferences. Over the past ten years, she has been a regular presenter at the North American, European and Asian Applied Improvisation Network conferences.
Her current passions are training trainers and consulting on how to design powerful experiential workshops.

Sue promises that while the learning may be challenging, it will also be fun! She can be reached by phone at +1-415-885-5678, email at Sue@improvworks.org. Her web site can be found at www.improvworks.org.