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May Special 2024

Wellness Coaching

  • Masterful Health and Wellness Coaching
    Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching: Deepening Your Craft $39.95 $27.97Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching: PDF eBook $29.95 $20.97
  • Wellness Coaching
    Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change - Second Edition $29.95 $20.97Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change - Second Edition: PDF eBook (PDF) $19.95 $13.97Wellness Coaching Worksheets (PDF) $12.95 $9.07
  • Your-Journey-Healthier-Life-Second-Edition-Medium
    Your Journey to a Healthier Life - Second Edition $25.00 $17.50
  • Wellness Coaching Worksheets (PDF)$12.95$9.07
    All the handouts from Wellness Coaching as digital download PDFs. Includes forms for use with clients, wellness wheels, worksheets…all the tools you will need, ready to print at your convenience. (This download replaces the CD)

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