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Izzy Gesell

Izzy Gesell, MS Ed, CSP is an organizational alchemist. He holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Education. As a keynote speaker, workshop leader, professional facilitator and presentation coach his skill is in transforming something commonplace into something special. He is the founder of Wide Angle Humor Consultants, a Northampton, MA based organization dedicated to helping employees become healthier and more productive by using humor in their lives. As a corporate trainer, teacher, stand-up comedian, and improvisational troupe member, Izzy has more than fifteen years of experience helping others reap the benefits of an active sense of humor.

His humorously serious and seriously humorous programs help people thrive and prosper during these changing times as they become more confident, spontaneous and effective.

As author of Playing Along: Group Learning Activities Borrowed from Improvisational Theater. Izzy was one of the first to bring the concepts of Improv Theater into the business world. He has also contributed to the International Association of Facilitator's Handbook and Humor Me, a compilation by America's most prominent humorists.

Link to Izzy’s website: www.izzyg.com