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Wellness Activities for Youth, Volume 2

Sandy Queen

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Wellness Activities for Youth, Volume 2 $29.95 $9.95Wellness Activities for Youth, Volume 2 Digital Worksheet Masters $12.95 $9.95
Teach young people how to make healthy lifestyle choices

Kids won’t listen to lectures about exercise or cholesterol—but they will get involved and learn by participating in fun exercises that help them focus on leading healthy, happy lives.

Wellness Activities for Youth is designed as whole-person, “no-put-down” activities to help young people make healthy choices about physical and emotional health, relationships, stress management, substance abuse, and more. The material is ideal for kids from upper elementary to senior high. Many exercises can be adapted for families.

Wellness Activities for Youth, Volume 2 can be used by a variety of people who work with youth—counselors, camp directors, scout leaders, parents, teachers, and youth group leaders, to name just a few. As Sandy says, “Any normal, fun-loving, creative, daring, kid-loving, risk-taking facilitator can create wonderful, creative, awe-inspiriting, attention-getting, fun-=raising, retention-building activities!” Build them into your program using your own good judgment, flexibility, and a democratic leadership style and you’ll find it adds to the effectiveness of your program. She offers great, easy-to-adopt advice on how to make your work with kids more effective and how to engage the kids in new and fun ways.

Volume 2 includes sections on:

• Energizers, openers, and games
• Areas of wellness
• General wellness
• Life stages
• Personal Wellness
• Values
• Social relationships

Also available: Reproducible Digital Worksheet Masters (PDF) (only available with purchase of book)