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Your Journey to a Healthier Life - Second Edition

Your Journey to a Healthier Life - Second Edition

Michael Arloski, PhD, PCC, CWP

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Your Journey to a Healthier Life - Second Edition $25.00

Your Journey to a Healthier Life

Newly enhanced 2nd Edition!

Paths of Wellness Guided Journals — Volume One

This guided wellness journal is a tool for you to use in crafting the healthy and well life you want. Whether you are working with a wellness coach or trying to make lifestyle changes on your own, this guided journal will help you stay on track.

In this guide, Michael incorporates many methods and tools outlined in his book, Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change. Use the worksheets, activities, and journaling opportunities to create your vision of a healthy life; map out your course; enlist the support you need; keep track of where you are going; and ultimately, celebrate your success.

Through your work on your own or with your coach or coaching group, you will discover new insights about yourself and ways to stay organized and on track. This journal is an essential travel companion on your path to achieving lasting lifestyle changes.

Coaches: Your Journey to a Healthier Life can provide your clients with a day-to-day map of where their wellness journey will take them, as well as a place to journal their thoughts, struggles, and triumphs. Filled with inspirational quotes, suggestions for action, and tracking forms, it will save you time and energy to do what you do best – coach others. It works with the methodology presented in Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, also by Michael Arloski.

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