Panic Busters

Learn to turn off the panic button and let go of worry and anxiety. Panic Busters are designed to teach you to manage feelings of panic and anxiety when they occur and to prevent worry from getting out of hand. The visualization and breathing exercises will truly prove that mind over matter works.
  • Relaxation Audio - Worry Stoppers
    Worry Stoppers CD $9.95 $7.96Worry Stoppers MP3 Album $9.95 $7.9610-Second Breathing - Track 1 (mp3) $2.00Trouble Bubbles - Track 2 (mp3) $2.00Train of Thought - Track 3 (mp3) $2.00Rest In Peace - Track 4 (mp3) $2.00Passive Progressive Relaxation - Track 5 (mp3) $2.00
  • Calm-Down-Icon.gif
    Calm Down CD/MP3 Album
    Calm Down CD/MP3 Album
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    Calm Down CD $9.95 $7.96Calm Down MP3 Album $9.95 $7.96Progressive Relaxation - Track 1 (mp3) $4.00Calming Breath - Track 2 (mp3) $4.00Mindful Meditation - Track3 (mp3) $4.00

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