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Whole Person Associates: Mental Health and Wellness Publisher


Whole Person Associates: Mental Health and Wellness Publisher

A leading publisher of professional and self-help resources that empower people to create and maintain healthy lifestyles by addressing stress management, wellness promotion, health and wellness concerns, and mental health issues.

Our products are intentionally focused on the whole person - the complex mixture of physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components that make us human. The resources for professionals go beyond theory and offer practical, hands-on activities to use with clients and participants. Our self-help products for laypeople encourage self-reflection and offer concrete solutions to help individuals achieve healthy lifestyles.



The Whole Person Philosophy

Our products are intentionally focused on the whole person – the complex mixture of 
physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual components that make us human. 
We’ve included all these components in our logo.


About Whole Person


Health and Wellness Promotion for the whole person:

Whole Person Associates was founded in 1980 with the primary goal of publishing resources to help practitioners effectively teach stress management and wellness promotion. Each product was required to do the following: promote self-discovery, provide interactive activities, include reproducible worksheets, and approach health and wellness from a “whole person perspective” - mind, body & spirit. Through the years the publication program has expanded to include mental health and self-help, but the primary goal and product criteria has remained.

Whole Person provides many different product formats to help you reach your goals:

Reproducible Workbooks - This type of product meets all of the criteria mentioned above. Each workbook includes a collection of reproducible handouts, worksheets, assessments and journaling activities that are guaranteed to encourage self-reflection and provide the platform for lively discussion. They address a wide variety of topics that cover health and wellness from A to Z.

Card Decks - These interactive games were produced as supplementary teaching aids for almost all of the workbooks. The open-ended questions help break the ice with your client or group and encourage lively discussion.

Guided Imagery Books - Whole Person offers a wide variety of guided imagery and visualization scripts to help you teach the key stress management skill of relaxation. The scripts can be read to your client(s) with soothing background music.

Relaxation CDs - Whole Person has developed over 30 relaxation CDs offering a variety of techniques including progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic, guided meditation and visualizations. Whole Person relaxation CDs are used and recommended by therapists, counselors and practitioners to address stress management and wellness promotion.

Icebreaker Books - Whether you are leading a staff meeting, presenting a brown bag lunch workshop, teaching a class, or leading a therapy group, the Icebreaker Books that Whole Person offers will be invaluable to you.

DVDs - Whole Person offers four DVD Courses. Each course has six sessions that can be used as a series or alone. Two address stress management, one looks at workplace issues, and the fourth encourages viewers to make healthy choices when it comes to their lifestyle. All help individuals learn the skills that lead to optimal health and wellness.

Self-Help - Whether you are a practitioner who wants to recommend a good self-help resource, or an individual looking for some material to help with stress management, wellness promotion, anxiety issues, aging, and more, Whole Person has some great resources for you.