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Yoga Meditation

Become calm, clear, and confident with the guided relaxation, imagery, and affirmations included on these CDs. Listen often to release stress, refresh your outlook, and reclaim energy. The scripts are taken from Julie’s popular book, Yoga Meditations.
  • Wholesome Relaxation CD
    Wholesome Relaxation CD$9.95
    Introduction (2:34)
    Wholesome Breathing (8:40)
    Magical Sea (11:30)
    Affirmations (8:21)
  • PowerofPresence.gif
    Power of Presence CD$9.95
    Introduction (1:00)
    Sinking Into Sensation (17:00)
    Energy Breathing (7:00)
    Cultivate the Positive (10:00)
    Bonus Music Track (4:00)
  • Wholesome Energizers CD
    Wholesome Energizers CD$9.95
    Introduction (2:34)
    Squeeze Stress Away (13:20)
    Woodland Walk (16:04)
    Your Garden (16:20)

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