Success with Stress

Six-Session DVD Course

Success with Stress addresses key stress management issues that your workshop participants are facing daily and challenges them to make positive changes in their lives. The series provides you with a way to reach participants, either one-on-one or in a group setting, quickly and effectively by presenting you with a ready-to-go comprehensive stress management course.
The format and style of each DVD grabs and holds the attention of participants with stimulating stories about people dealing with real-life problems.

The teaching processes and worksheets on the accompanying CD takes the next and most important step. It invites participants to explore their own stressors and coping strategies and to make lifestyle changes where necessary. All of the worksheets are reproducible.

Each session focuses on a specific stress-related issue and helps participants:

• Perceive and understand good and bad stress
• Learn how their value and belief systems affect their stress levels
• Identify positive coping skills that work
• Create action plans to successfully manage stress
  • TakeChargeofYourLife.gif
    Take Charge of Your Life DVD$25.00
    Stress is a fact of life. But too much stress can break down a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. In this session people learn how identifying values, making commitments, and personal planning can help them manage the stress in their lives. They begin to make choices that support their values and develop a personal plan to take charge of their lives.

    By watching Take Charge of Your Life, participating in discussions, and completing the worksheets, people will:

    • Recognize that stress s a fact of life
    • Learn the benefits of stress and the consequences of excess stress
    • Analyze their stress symptoms
    • Identify the stressors that affect them most
    • Reflect on their core values and how stress can be managed by making decisions congruent with those values
    • Determine life changes that will support those core values
    • Make a specific plan for taking charge of life
  • GetReadyForChange.gif
    Get Ready For Change DVD$25.00
    You can’t stop change but you can prepare for it. Instead of being caught short by the current rapid changes in the job market, technology, families, and society, individuals can prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically. By learning the skills of relabeling, hardiness, resiliency, and surrender, people can adapt to change successfully. Change is inevitable. Being ready for it is a choice!

    By watching Get Ready for Change, participating in discussions, and completing the worksheets, people will:

    • Recognize that changes of all kinds are stressful
    • Learn the good and bad consequences of change
    • Identify the life changes that are affecting them
    • Acknowledge the inevitability of change in the workplace
    • Recognize the effects of perception and the benefits of relabeling
    • Make a plan for managing a specific life change

  • BuildHealthyRelationships.gif
    Build Healthy Relationships DVD$25.00
    Although relationships with family, friends, and coworkers are essential, they can also be difficult. In this session people learn the importance of developing a community of friends for mutual support. They learn the skills of listening, contact, and faith to build and maintain healthy relationships.

    By watching Build Healthy Relationships, participating in discussions, and completing the worksheets, people will:

    • Recognize the importance of relationships
    • Learn that relationships, because of their importance, are inherently stressful
    • Explore how family-of-origin roles impact relationships
    • Develop new strategies for reducing the stress of relationships
    • Acknowledge that sometimes help is needed
    • Make a plan for improving difficult relationships

  • ManageaFastPacedLife.gif
    Manage a Fast-Paced Life DVD$25.00
    Living in the fast lane offers excitement and challenge, but when the pressures of life pile up, it’s easy to spend energy on things that don’t matter. By refocusing on priorities and goals that reflect personal values and by developing the skills of pacing, assertiveness, and time management, people can live more satisfying lives.

    By watching Manage a Fast-Paced Life, participating in discussions, and completing the worksheets, people will:

    • Evaluate their response to their own fast-paced life
    • Reflect on their core values
    • Compare what they really want to do with what they feel required to do
    • Practice saying no
    • Develop a plan for time management
    • Commit to focusing on important people and activities
  • ReplaceSelfDefeatingBehaviors.gif
    Replace Self-Defeating Behaviors DVD$25.00
    Everyone develops coping strategies to help manage stress—some are excellent, others are actually dangerous. Poor coping strategies may become part of the problem and even lead to addictions. In this session, people learn to identify self-defeating behaviors by reflecting on their values and current coping patterns.

    By watching Replace Self-defeating Behaviors, participating in discussions, and completing the worksheets, people will:

    • Recognize that coping strategies are essential responses to stress
    • Understand how self-defeating strategies can develop and become addictions
    • Learn the dangers of negative coping strategies
    • Reflect on their personal coping strategies
    • Take a first step to seeking help or making positive changes

  • DevelopNewStressSkills.gif
    Develop New Stress Skills DVD$25.00
    In our fast-paced, ever changing world, stress is inevitable. It takes courage to make difficult decisions and change behaviors to manage stress. If you develop good stress management sills you can emerge from stressful times feeling less overwhelmed, even healthy and happy. In this session, people discover they benefit from learning and practicing a variety of coping skills for dealing with stress.

    By watching Develop New Stress Skills, participating in discussions, and completing the worksheets, people will:

    • Learn that it is essential to have a variety of coping strategies for managing stress
    • Analyze the strengths and weakness of their current strategies
    • Reflect on their core values
    • Identify positive coping strategies that support those core values
    • Make a plan for using new coping strategies