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Stress Management Workshops

Structured Exercises in Stress Management Volumes 1–5, including stress management worksheets

by Nancy Loving Tubesing, EdD, and Donald A. Tubesing, PhD

Whole Person’s landmark Structured Exercises in Stress Management will make your job easier when you need to prepare workshops and presentations.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Experts from across the country have contributed their field-tested structured activities and stress management worksheets to this amazing series of handbooks. Each book contains over 30 structured exercises that include detailed instructions, teaching points, and reproducible handouts. You simply mix and match exercises to create just the right presentation to fit your current need. Then you’re ready to go!

Each volume of the stress management series includes a selection of stress management worksheets and exercises in the following categories:

Warm up the group with these quick, introductory activities.

Stress Assessments
Help participants take a fresh look at their own lives and determine for themselves what they want to change.

Coping Strategies
Show people how to develop new and healthy ways of coping with stress.

Skill Builders
Provide instruction and opportunities to practice effective stress management techniques.

Planning & Closure Processes
Wrap up the session, and allow participants summarize what they’ve learned and what they’re going to do differently.

Group Energizers
Use these short fun activities at any time during a session to refresh, restore, and re-energize participants.

Each volume contains priceless tips from the experts on designing effective programs using the exercises in that volume, plus sample workshop combinations and helpful indexes. Makes planning and preparing for your stress workshop easy!

Stress Management Worksheets

FREE BONUS with each book!

For each book purchased, we will email you a PDF file download of all of the reproducible handouts and stress management worksheets included in the book, making it easy to make copies for your participants. You’ll also receive a Power Point Presentation of all of the mini-lectures in the book. Please provide your email address so we can send you the file.

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