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Soothing Backgrounds

Take a break at work, set the mood for contemplation, start your day with clarity and purpose, or end your evening feeling calm and renewed. For a powerful relaxation and learning experience, combine the music below with guided imagery scripts from our collection of guided imagery books.
  • Relaxation Audio - Contemplation
    Contemplation CD $9.95Contemplation MP3 Album $9.95Mystical Meditation - Track 1 (mp3) $5.00Musical Mantras - Track 2 (mp3) $5.00
  • Harmony-Icon.gif
    Harmony CD $9.95Harmony MP3 Album $9.95Waves of Light - Track 1 (mp3) $4.00Rising Mist - Track 2 (mp3) $2.00Frankinscense - Track 3 (mp3) $2.00Angelica - Track 4 (mp3) $2.00

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