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Yoga Meditations

Julie Lusk

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Yoga Meditations $29.95

Yoga Meditations

At last, yoga meditations for awakening
joy, peace, and inspiration

Yoga Meditations presents various mind-body practices for personal use or teaching others. It’s perfect for teachers, students, and helping professionals. It is an invaluable resource for people interested in techniques for stress management, self-awareness, spiritual development, health, and well-being.

Practices include:

• Guided relaxation exercises
• Breathing practices
• Guided imagery
• Affirmations
• Meditations
• Yoga wisdom for contemplation

Boost the immune system, alter blood pressure, decrease pain and manage stress!

For yogis, it is no surprise when researchers report that the mind and body are one. This has been a tenet of yoga since ancient times. In modern times, scientists and medical professionals confirm this fact through rigorous studies and research. They report that meditation, controlled breathing, deep relaxation, and directed, guided imagery can boost the immune system, alter blood pressure, decrease pain and help with problems such as infertility and insomnia. These practices can help people cope with and recover from unpleasant medical procedures as well as the effect of stress from daily living.

Table of Contents include the following categories:

• Guided Relaxation: Still Yoga
• Breathing Practices: Your Portable Paradise
• Guided Breathing Meditations
• Guided Imagery: Mental Movies
• Healing Guided Imagery
• Heart Opening Guided Imagery Meditations
• Chakras: Centers of Subtle Energy
• Hatha Yoga Postures to Awaken the Chakras
• Yoga Meditation Practices: Paradise Present
• Timeless Treasurers: Reflecting on the Wisdom of Yoga
• Yoga Blessings

What others are saying:

What a great compilation of ideas from many disciplines from the ancients to the present. A true encyclopedia on the subject.

J. Frederick Agel, MD

These practices shine a contemporary light on ancient teachings to soothe your soul and soften your heart.

Lilias Folan, author of Lilias! Yoga Gets Better with Age

Transformational, skillful, and highly experiential …

Christopher Baxter, President, AlmaYoga, Architect

The chakra meditations are very, very nice and the descriptions are solid and clear.

Anodea Judith, author Wheels of Life, Eastern Body: Western Mind
6" x 9"