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What Do You Do With A Child Like This?

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What Do You Do With A Child Like This? $19.95What Do You Do With A Child Like This: PDF eBook $9.95
Revised in 2018

Inside the Lives of Troubled Children

Meet “creative misbehavior” with an equally creative response

An unusual, touching approach to understanding the perceptions and feelings of children, written by an author who for the past 30 years has listened to troubled children with a keen inner ear.

What Do You Do With a Child Like This? will take you on a journey inside the world of troubled children to enhance your understanding of the child’s total needs. It presents a wide variety of techniques proven effective for helping troubled children change. The wealth of practical suggestions found in this book will invite frequent reading. A great gift for any educator or parent who is confronted by the adventure of working with a troubled children.

If you are drawn to education, and if you enjoy a challenge, there is no greater challenge than to walk alongside a troubled child and to help her see a better world.

Larry Tobin
What Do You Do With A Child Like This?

What Others Are Saying:

Sensitive, easy to read and easy to understand. The examples you used touch a chord and treat children as people, not as inventory to be labeled, categorized, and organized by dysfunction. [It] helps you understand students’ behavior by offering refreshing insights into their thoughts and feelings.

Herbert G.W. Bischoff, PhD. Former President
International School of Psychology Association

This book will motivate, inspire, and inform.

Bobby Brice, Behavior Consultant

Exciting and sensitive = what insight Tobin has into the world of children!
Carol Lane, Educational Resource Specialist
What Do You Do With a Child Like This? provides a thoughtful and penetrating view of troubled children – from the outside looking in and, perhaps more importantly, from the inside looking out. It provides practical suggestions and inspirational messages to adults who work with troubled youth.

Randy Sprick, PhD, author
The Solution Book and Discipline in the Secondary Classroom
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