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Teens - It's Time To Grow Up

Ester R.A. Leutenberg & Carol Butler, MS Ed, RN, C

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Teens - It's Time To Grow Up $49.95Teens - It's Time To Grow Up: PDF eBook $29.95Teens - It's Time To Grow Up Card Deck $9.95Teens - It's Time To Grow Up: Print & PDF eBook Bundle $59.95

Teens - It's Time to Grow Up

Facilitator Reproducible Activities for Groups and Individuals

Transitioning from the teen years into adulthood can be very exciting yet scary; it always includes “growing pains.” Teens who tire of adult advice listen to peers and messages from popular culture icons. Some teens submit blindly to authority; some respect it; others rebel. Ideally, teens will be receptive to wisdom but not controlled by commands, able to discern positive from negative peer pressure and media messages, and capable of monitoring and motivating themselves.

Teens - It’s Time to Grow Up helps teens learn, develop, mature and self-actualize with games, mock videos (skits or role plays for which teens prepare a possible video presentation), interviews, team activities, drawing, journaling, debates, discussion and other modes. These activities guide teens in many directions.

As a facilitator, you’ll love the user-friendly activities with fully reproducible handouts as you help teens develop the skills needed to become strong, caring adults.

Seven chapters, four to nine sessions per chapter, encompass the following:

  1. RE-gress or PRO-gress?
    Security blankets, stages, delayed gratification, to crawl or walk, whine or affirm are pondered.
  2. Life Skills
    Sandboxes, bikes, sports, pets, the senses, railroads, road rules, and driving directions provide lessons.
  3. Parents, Partners, and Role Models
    Parent profiles, idols and ideals, relationships and red flags, and leaders and followers are featured.
  4. Home, School, and Work
    Family roles, behavior behind closed doors, students, teachers, yearbook analogies, challenges, and work habits are addressed.
  5. Tangible and Intangible
    Materialism, money, monetary and behavioral costs versus benefits, values and ethics are explored.
  6. The Journey to Maturity
    Growth through fertilizer, late bloomers, rites of passage, frozen then freed, gladiator mentality, measures of maturity, perspectives, continuums, and sex sense receive focus.
  7. Life after High School
    Education and training, career calls, love, and partner traits are discussed.

This workbook is also available in PDF eBook format, making it simple to store on your computer or mobile device and to access with a PDF viewer. The PDF format allows you to easily print copies of the activities and worksheets during therapy and counseling sessions.

Teens-Its-Time-To-Grow-Up-Card-Deck.gifTeens – It’s Time to Grow Up Card Deck

This deck of open-ended questions will help teens get in touch with feelings and kick-start lively discussions. Each question corresponds to a specific page in the book.
Sample Questions:
If you could re-live a moment, day or time period in your life, when would it be and why?
If you were your parent, what three things would you encourage you to do?
Look at a current challenge from a positive viewpoint. What strengths and skills can you develop as you deal with the situation?


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