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Take a Deep Breath Album

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Take a Deep Breath CD $9.95Take a Deep Breath MP3 Album $9.95Breathing for Relaxation and Health - Track 1 (mp3) $5.00The Magic Ball - Track 2 (mp3) $5.00
Life-affirming and totally relaxing

Tension relief is as simple as breathing when your breathing is accompanied by guided imagery. When you need to unwind, sit back and do what comes naturally - breathe. Music by Steven Halpern.

Track 1: Breathing for Relaxation and Health. This cleansing deep-breathing exercise fosters relaxation and a peaceful mood. (16:35)

Track 2: The Magic Ball. The “ball” of awareness moves from head to toe, bringing deep relaxation and calm to every part of the body. (16:35)

Script Title Time Narration Music Type of Relaxation
Breathing and Relaxation for Health 16:35 female piano breathing/imagery
Magic Ball 16:35 male piano breathing/imagery