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Stress Relief For Kids: Taming Your Dragons

Martha Belknap, MA

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Stress Relief For Kids: Taming Your Dragons $19.95
Creative relaxation activities for home and school

Stress Relief for Kids is a prescription for growth. Anyone who interacts with kids can find new ways to guide them through the maze of today’s heavy stress.

Teachers: struggling with a classroom full of unruly kids after recess?
Therapists: looking for a way to teach relaxation skills to children?
Parents: having trouble getting the kids into bed at night?

Stress Relief for Kids gives children tools to cope with stress in all areas of their lives:

• On the playground with the school bully
• At home with siblings
• In the classroom with difficult tasks
• After school with peer pressures

Easily adaptable to multiple scenarios, scripts and activities lead naturally to creative writing and/or art experiences. Ms. Belknap includes suggestions to take seasoned presenters to a new level of excellence or guide new practitioners successfully through their first effort. Through these creative relaxation activities children learn to direct themselves and each other to a better place.
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