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Relaxation Scripts for Harmony, Tranquility, & Serenity

edited by Nancy Loving Tubesing, EdD, and Donald A Tubesing, PhD

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Relaxation Scripts for Harmony, Tranquility, & Serenity $29.95

Relaxation Scripts

Over 40 scripts to use in your relaxation training

Whether you have been teaching relaxation techniques for a while or are just starting, this is a must-have resource. This book includes over 40 scripts and offers seven different kinds of relaxation techniques, including:

  • Deep breathing
  • Progressive
  • Autogenic
  • Meditation
  • Guided imagery and visualization
  • Stretching routines
  • Massage for tension relief.

Script lengths range from five to thirty minutes, so you can select the technique and time frame that fits your needs.

In the Introduction section, Don and Nancy have included an overview of the types of relaxation and great hints on how to make it work more effectively with your clients. Even the most experienced practitioner can use a reminder of the basics! For the newbie: this resource will set you on the right path to bring the most benefit to your clients without reinventing the wheel yourself.

Includes the following sections:

  • Relaxation Classics
  • Breathing for Relaxation
  • Autogenics for Deep Relaxation
  • Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Well-Being
  • Guided Imagery for Insight and Change
  • Meditation for Calming and Centering
  • Massage for Tension Relief
  • Stretching Routines