Patterned Peace Zentangle Style Coloring Book

Patterned Peace

Esther Piszczek

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Patterned Peace $14.95

A Stress Break Coloring Book: Zentagle® inspired pattern drawings


We are delighted to present 40 original pieces of artwork for you to color that will inspire creativity, promote well-being and relaxation, and provide you with many hours of fun!

Each piece of artwork was drawn freehand using pen and ink. Some of the artwork was then duplicated and rotated using simple graphic design to create new, previously unforeseen patterns for you to color and enjoy.

Unique features include:

  • Original hand-drawn artwork
  • Lay-flat spiral binding to make coloring easier
  • Perforated pages to remove easily for framing
  • Includes an index of all the original patterns used
  • Printed one-sided on quality paper
  • Offers a wide variety of patterns – from easy to difficult
  • Appropriate for all ages

About the artist:

Esther Piszczek has been fascinated with patterns since childhood. Her school notebooks were filled with doodles and drawings from grade school on through law school. In 2011 Esther was introduced to The Zentangle® method of pattern drawing, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Esther’s career as an artist has flourished utilizing this fascinating, non-critical, let’s see what happens next form of drawing. Her Zentangle® inspired pattern drawings in this book will help you create frame-worthy pieces of art.

Esther Piszczek is a Certified Zentangle Teacher living in Duluth Minnesota with her husband Paul and her cat Haley. She regularly teaches Zentangle® Pattern Drawing classes through community education and privately.

8 1/2" x 12"
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