Let Your Body Win: Stress Managment Plain and Simple

Jacquelyn Ferguson, MPH

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Let Your Body Win: Stress Managment Plain and Simple $16.95
Jackie Ferguson identifies three especially vulnerable groups: those living with chronic stress, those living the runaway American lifestyle, and those with personalities prone to anger, hostility, and impatience. Then, in clear, easy-to-follow layman’s terms she outlines a way to release the flight/fight energy produced in our twenty-first century living. Rarely are we presented with a raging lion or a spear-wielding enemy about to turn us into rotisserie fare, but the same chemicals that provided our ancestors with the ability to escape from physical threats are threatening to kill us. In Let Your Body Win: Stress Management Plain and Simple Jackie turns us away from our Stress Cliffs to Stress Breaks that will lead to a happy, healthy future where we can manage our stress.

In 1976, after returning from the Peace Corps in Colombia, South America, Jacquelyn Ferguson earned her Master’s degree in Community Counseling/Psychology from her home state of Minnesota. Jackie worked for several years as a Program Director at the Ruth Cooper Mental Health Center in Ft. Myers, Florida, and then founded InterAction Associates, a management development and training firm. For over 25 years she has designed and presented keynotes and workshops on stress management, diversity, customer-service, and communication skills to literally hundreds-of-thousands of people throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and points in between. She has authored four audio programs and writes a weekly column, Stress for Success. Jackie is also a Professional & Stress Coach helping people achieve more success with less stress.

Life is rarely plain and simple. Economic uncertainty boosts stress levels to record rates. Help has arrived! Let Your Body Win: Stress Management Plain and Simple by Jackie Ferguson has set forth simple, easy to follow steps to reduce the flow of damaging cortisol sent racing through our bodies by today’s stressful lifestyles.

“Never before has a book been more timely than in today’s stressful economy. Let Your Body Win explains in beautifully simplified detail, the connection between negative emotions, physiologic reactions, and the adverse effects on our health. Everyone needs to read this practical approach to regaining health and happiness in these troubled times.”

Douglas A. Newland, M.D.