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Instant Icebreakers

Sandy Christian, MSW, LICSW and Nancy Loving Tubesing, EdD

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50 powerful catalysts for group interaction

Introduce the subject at hand and introduce participants to each other with these proven strategies that appeal to any audience and many learning styles. Fifty instant icebreakers (5 to 15-minute group processes) set the stage, reduce resistance, open communication lines, promote positive group interaction, and prepare a path for change.

Icebreakers are more than fun and games. They are brief group activities that help people connect with each other and warm up to a task or topic. These creative, interactive processes open the way to learning. They set the course and clear a path for the important information that follows. They cut through barriers and invite participants to get involved in their own learning process.
Instant Icebreakers include the following sections:

• Introductions
• Group building
• Self-awareness
• Change Agents
• Resources

Each icebreaker includes a brief description, explicit learning goals, approximate timing, and indication of appropriate group size and setting and a list of materials needed. Many include variations with recommendations and adaptations for different settings and time frames. Companion scripts, handouts, and worksheets are at the end of the exercise.

A true time saver, Instant Icebreakers help you be your most productive as you organize your presentations.

Also available: Reproducible Digital Worksheet Masters (PDF) (only available with purchase of book)