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Griefwork Companion Self Help Workbook

Griefwork Companion

Fran Zamore, LISW, IMFT and Ester R.A. Leutenberg

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The Griefwork Companion - Activities for Healing

A self-help workbook for coping with grief and loss

The GriefWork Companion was developed to help adults who are grieving heal from their losses. The GriefWork Companion contains worksheets, quotations, educational and journaling pages. It is a user-friendly book and self-help resource. We live in a society where people are expected to get over their loss quickly and we understand this is not realistic. We know there are many ways that people grieve and we support each person’s right to grieve in an individual and unique fashion.

Everyone experiences loss. The process of coping with a significant loss is what the authors call grief work. The typical range of behaviors, emotions, and attitudes is varied. Through out the book it is emphasized that everyone’s grief has a unique expression. Use those exercises that seem appropriate and relevant for you.

It is also a companion book for mental health professionals’ clients to use in conjunction with GriefWork—Healing from Loss. Activities can be assigned knowing that the page number will correspond to the same page in the facilitator’s book, GriefWork, and that the instructions to the client will be readily understood. Clients will appreciate having therapeutic support at home and having all their materials in one place.

Seven Chapters guide the reader through the grieving process:

• Let's Get Started
• Getting in Touch
• Telling Your Story
• Self-Care
• Relationships
• Special Days
• A New Normal

The GriefWork Companion also coordinates with the GriefWork Group Starter Card Game, thereby appealing to those who learn in several ways.
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