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Grief Card Deck

GriefWork Card Deck

Fran Zamore, LISW, IMFT and Ester R.A. Leutenberg

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GriefWork Card Deck $9.95
This card pack is designed for facilitators to use with clients when discussing the grieving process. The 81 cards correspond to activities in the book GriefWork - Healing From Loss. Kick-start a session with questions on the cards or use them as an activity during a session.

The topics include:

• Getting in Touch
• Telling Your Story
• Self-Care
• Relationships
• Special Events
• A New Normal

More cards are supplied than needed for a typical session. Cards can be chosen on a particular subject or pages from GriefWork  (page numbers are included on each card), or those most appropriate to your group.

Participants are usually seated in a circle. Recommended group size is 4-14 folks. After explaining the purpose of exercise, participants are asked to pick a card. If they are comfortable answering it they can do so. Otherwise, they can pick another card or pass the one they chose to the person on their right. Allow time for discussion and feedback.

Example questions:

• What are your goals in the next 3 months? How about in a year from now?
• Do you agree with this quotation by Voltaire? “Tears are the silent language of grief.”
• Complete this sentence starter: “When my loved one died, my family _______________?
• Give us an example of something in your life you cannot control.
• Is it OK to have fun? Why?

It is helpful if the leader participates, emphasizing that everyone has loss and grief issues.