Daydreams 3: Relaxing Retreats CD/MP3 Album

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Daydreams 3: Relaxing Retreats CD $9.95Daydreams 3: Relaxing Retreats MP3 Album $9.95Melting Candle - Track 1 (mp3) $2.00Tropical Paradise - Track 2 (mp3) $2.00Sanctuary - Track 3 (mp3) $2.00Floating Clouds -Track 4 (mp3) $2.00Seasons -Track 5 (mp3) $2.00Beach Tides -Track 6 (mp3) $2.00
Use these scripts to let go of tension and to create inner peace—all through the power of your imagination. Music by Steven Halpern.

Track 1: Melting Candle. Calm down with the image of dripping wax melting tension away. (4:47)

Track 2: Tropical Paradise. Be carried away to an enchanted island and experience contentment and revitalization. (16:06)

Track 3: Sanctuary. Transports you to a tranquil retreat for rebalancing and refreshment. (10:00)

Track 4: Floating Clouds. Engenders peace and optimism as you drift effortlessly. (4:25)

Track 5: Seasons. Brings renewal and harmony with the rhythms of nature. (11:31)

Track 6: Beach Tides. Restores energy through the ebb and flow of the waves. (13:26)

Script Title Time Narration Music Type of Relaxation
Melting Candle 4:47 male piano guided imagery
Tropical Paradise 16:06 female piano guided imagery
Sanctuary 10:00 male piano guided imagery
Floating Clouds 4:25 male piano guided imagery
Seasons 11:31 female piano guided imagery
Beach Tides 13:26 male nature guided imagery