Daydreams 2: Peaceful Places CD/MP3 Album

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Daydreams 2: Peaceful Places CD $9.95Daydreams 2: Peaceful Places MP3 Album $9.95Ocean Tides - Track 1 (mp3) $4.00City Park - Track 2 (mp3) $4.00Hammock - Track 3 (mp3) $4.00Meadow - Track 4 (mp3) $4.00
Four poetic "visual vacations" that tap into the restorative power of nature. Eckels classical guitar accompaniment.

Track 1: Ocean Tides. Celebrate the rhythms of life and the tension-dissolving power of the sea. (11:14)

Track 2: City Park. A brief respite from the busy-ness of life. (10:01)

Track 3: Hammock. Rest and luxuriate in a safe, supportive environment. (8:04)

Track 4: Meadow. A clean, refreshing journey of harmony celebrating the cycles of life. (10:58)

Script Title Time Narration Music Type of Relaxation
Ocean Tides 11:14 male guitar guided imagery
City Park 10:01 female guitar guided imagery
Hammock 8:04 female guitar guided imagery
Meadow 10:58 male guitar guided imagery