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Creating a Climate for Power Learning

Carolyn Chambers Clark

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Creating a Climate for Power Learning $19.95

37 Mind-Stretching Activities

Warm up their engines. Tap creativity, build cooperation, and promote problem-solving with 37 thought-provoking activities guaranteed to create a climate for change!
From keynote speeches to staff meetings to group presentations, use these fun and creative icebreakers to help your audience members:

• Relax
• Focus on your message
• Connect with one another
• Look at a problem with a fresh pair of eyes
• Get a grip on difficult concepts
• Rethink preconceived notions
• Work as a team

Whatever your topic, you’ll love how these exercises prepare participants for learning by energizing minds and bodies, engaging different learning styles, and facilitating free thinking.
Table of Contents
• Fill Up Your Energy Pool – Breath!
• Group Back Rub
• Heel, Toe, Stomp, Stomp!
• Soothe the Savage Beast
• Whistle Dixie
• Hula-Kalula

Creating a Learning Place
• Our Learning Playground
• Ritual for Learning
• One Learning Place
• Check-In
• My Favorite Learning Environment
• Learning Collage
• Relax, Get Ready to Learn
• Admit One to Learning
• Creating a Learning Story
• Learning Cheer
• The Feedback Loop
• The Emperor’s New Learning Clothes

Learning Creatively
• The Zen of Learning
• Who I Am?
• The Learning Puzzle
• Things I Know for Sure
• Escape to Learning
• How is an Orange Like a Barometer?
• I’m a Chicken Pluckin’, Orange Peelin’, So-and-Sp
• What is a Fireplace Table?
• The Mind Rules
• Earth Angel
• Personal Learning Journal
• Eyes of a Fish
• Your Personal Learning Consultant
• Your Choice
• If I Were. . .
• Food for Thought
• Escaping from Habit
• Project Yourself into Tomorrow
• I’m Creative