Creating a Climate for Power Learning

Carolyn Chambers Clark

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Creating a Climate for Power Learning $19.95
37 Mind-Stretching Activities
Warm up their engines. Tap creativity, build cooperation, and promote problem solving with 37 thought-provoking activities guaranteed to create a climate for change!
From keynote speeches to staff meetings to group presentations, use these fun and creative icebreakers to help your audience members:

• Relax
• Focus on your message
• Connect with one another
• Look at a problem with a fresh pair of eyes
• Get a grip on difficult concepts
• Rethink preconceived notions
• Work as a team

Whatever your topic may be, you’ll love the way these exercises prepare participants for learning by energizing minds and bodies, engaging different learning styles, and facilitating free thinking.
Table of Contents
• Fill Up Your Energy Pool – Breath!
• Group Back Rub
• Heel, Toe, Stomp, Stomp!
• Soothe the Savage Beast
• Whistle Dixie
• Hula-Kalula

Creating a Learning Place
• Our Learning Playground
• Ritual for Learning
• One Learning Place
• Check-In
• My Favorite Learning Environment
• Learning Collage
• Relax, Get Ready to Learn
• Admit One to Learning
• Creating a Learning Story
• Learning Cheer
• The Feedback Loop
• The Emperor’s New Learning Clothes

Learning Creatively
• The Zen of Learning
• Who I Am?
• The Learning Puzzle
• Things I Know for Sure
• Escape to Learning
• How is an Orange Like a Barometer?
• I’m a Chicken Pluckin’, Orange Peelin’, So-and-Sp
• What is a Fireplace Table?
• The Mind Rules
• Earth Angel
• Personal Learning Journal
• Eyes of a Fish
• Your Personal Learning Consultant
• Your Choice
• If I Were. . .
• Food for Thought
• Escaping from Habit
• Project Yourself into Tomorrow
• I’m Creative