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Body Image CD/MP3 Album

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Body Image CD $9.95Body Image MP3 Album $9.95Relaxing Breath - Track 1 (mp3) $2.00Body Sensing -Track 2 (mp3) $4.00Body Talk - Track 3 (mp3) $2.00Cleansing Breath - Track 4 (mp3) $2.00Eyes of Love - Track 5 (mp3) $2.00
Affirming meditations for people of all sizes

Learn to love and accept the body you have. Listen, respect, and trust its messages. Five relaxing and affirming visualizations promote positive self-image, size-acceptance, and personal empowerment—no matter what your size or shape. Music by Synchestra.

Track 1: Relaxing Breath. Calm your mind and body with this easy breathing cycle. (5:40)

Track 2: Body Sensing. Enhance and enrich your body awareness without judgment. (14:03)

Track 3: Body Talk. Speak gently to yourself and change the quality of your mind-body communication. (11:47)

Track 4: Cleansing Breath. Tune out emotional noise with this refreshing and energizing breath sequence. (5:41)

Track 5: Eyes of Love. Imagine viewing yourself with fresh eyes . . . eyes of love. (25:46)

Script Title Time Narration Music Type of Relaxation
Relaxing Breath 5:40 female Synchestra breathing
Body Scanning 14:03 female Synchestra sensory awareness
Body Talk 11:47 female Synchestra visualization
Cleansing Breath Relaxation 5:41 female Synchestra breathing
Eyes of Love 25:46 female Synchestra imagery/affirmation