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30 Scripts for Relaxation, Imagery & Inner Healing, Volume 1 - Second Edition

Julie Lusk

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30 Scripts for Relaxation, Imagery & Inner Healing, Volume 1 - Second Edition $29.9530 Scripts for Relaxation, Imagery & Inner Healing, Volume 1 - Second Edition: PDF eBook $21.95

Guided imagery can be the key to behavior change

Every trainer knows that teaching is more than simply dispensing information – good teaching requires helping people to change. Guided imagery is an excellent tool for helping people focus on an issue, clarify their thinking, and tap into the power of their inner thoughts for meaningful and lasting change. 30 Scripts Vol. 1 contains 30 professionally tested, ready-to-use scripts in various lengths.

Relaxation and visualization can heal the body, mind, and spirit. Julie Lusk has gathered these exercises from physicians, psychologists, therapists, and educators – leaders in the field of guided imagery – who have developed and fine-tuned each script.

People just beginning to use imagery and visualization will find here the help they need to get started – a wide variety of scripts on a broad range of themes, plus helpful information on how to use guided imagery.

Experienced leaders will find new ideas to expand their repertoire and renew their creativity.

Table of Contents

Becoming Relaxed
• Progressively Relaxing While Sitting in a Chair
• Breathing for Relaxation and Health
• 1 to 10
• The Magic Ball
• Total Relaxation

Nature and the Environment
• The Sea
• Simply Sailing
• A Day in the Life of Another Crature
• The Beach
• Flying with the Eagle
• Oak Creek
• The Night Sky
• Ocean Waves

Inner Answers
• Your Inner Advisor
• Fortune Cookies
• Your Inner Child
• Time Travel: So What Do You Want to Do for a Living

• Love, Joy, and Optimism
• Healing Yourself and the Universe
• Sun Meditation for Healing
• Vitamin T Imagery
• Food for Thought: Imagery for Weight Control
• Breastfeeding

Person Growth
• Addiction to Wellness
• Body Image Visualization
• OM Visitation
• The Blue Period
• Your Are a Child Again
• Flower Meditation
• A Meditation of a World Vision

What others are saying:
Both of these volumes [30 Scripts Vol. 1 & 2] contain a collection of superior guided imagery scripts, carefully chosen and sensitively organized; thoughtful instructions for the novice; clear editorial comments for the experienced clinician; beautifully done.

Belleruth Naparstek
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