Working with Women's Groups 2

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Volume 2: Structured exercises in sexual identity, women of color, and leadership skills

Working with Women’s Groups, Volume 2 is another great resource to save you time and allow you to draw on the experiences of Louise Yolton Eberhardt, an expert in the field of women’s studies. She distilled more than a quarter century of experience into nearly a hundred processes addressing the issues that are most important to women today.

The second volume was designed as a practical guide to explore issues as diverse as sexuality, lesbian identity, women of color, and women as leaders of organizations and teams. It was written primarily for the facilitator. The goal is to provide you with designs you can easily use, adapt, restructure, and/or expand to suit your particular purpose and group. It will enrich the quality of the lives of those who use it.

Volume 2 is organized into three sections: Sexual Preference, Women of Color, and Leadership Skills. The exercises, each with a specific set of learning objectives, focus on empowering and challenging women by encouraging personal discovery, growth, and increased self-esteem. A sequence for the exercises is suggested at the beginning of each section.

The book presents structured group experiences that will help women conduct their personal search for identity more productively. In a short period of time women can begin to replace feelings of worthlessness with feelings of value.

Also available: Reproducible Digital Worksheet Masters (PDF) (only available with purchase of book)