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Working With Groups From Dysfunctional Families PDF eBook

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Working With Groups From Dysfunctional Families PDF eBook $29.95

Dysfunctional Families

In response to many requests, we've brought Working with Groups from Dysfunctional Families back as a PDF digital download in eBook form. The workshops in this book are powerful healing tools that help people identify the pain of growing up in a troubled family and change the patterns they learned as children.

Cheryl Hetherington has organized the exercises of this book according to a particular focus, based on the step-by-step healing process.

• Taking stock promotes self-knowledge. Shared experiences and spoken secrets help participants realize that others have feelings similar to their own. This can help build trust and is a way to get honest feedback.

• Journaling includes exercises that help people acknowledge their current feelings, something often avoided or denied by people from dysfunctional families. Writing down their inner thoughts provides a safe and private way to explore feelings and experiences.

• Healing Patterns includes exercises that help people repattern relationships, first in the group and then in the real world. Coping in a dysfunctional family usually involves rigid rules and ineffective communication, so new skills must be learned to overcome these patterns. The exercises in this section help participants adjust and change their behavior to decrease dysfunctional behavior.

Print the workshop you need, including the 8 1/2" x 11" worksheets.