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Spend Time Where It Counts: PDF eBook

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Spend Time Where It Counts: PDF eBook $15.00

Spend Time Where It Counts

A Ready-to-Run Time Management Workshop

Many of our customers have asked us for help with workshops on specific topics. We have assembled a group of ten ready-to-run topics from the materials in our seminal Structured Exercises in Stress Management and Structured Exercises in Wellness Promotion. Each has everything you need to present a successful, topic-focused, three-hour workshop, including mini-lectures, handouts, and group activities. Don’t have three hours? We have included suggestions on how to cut the workshop back to an hour.

Spend Time Where It Counts will help you prepare quickly and efficiently for presentations on time management. The multi-part session is flexible so that you can select the activities most appropriate for your group. They include:

  • Turtle, Hare, or Racehorse? is an energetic mixer where participants take on the identity of the animal whose life patterns most closely resemble their own. These “habitat” groups discuss the eustress and distress caused by their lifestyle. (20-30 minutes)
  • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is an empowering exercise where participants assess the amount of time they mentally spend in the past, present, and future and are encouraged to capitalize on the power of the present moment. (20-30 minutes)
  • The ABCs of Time is a skill-building exercise that illustrates the importance of spending time where it counts. Participants list the activities and tasks that consumed yesterday’s 24 hours, then assess whether or not they invested effort in their top priorities. (40-50 minutes)
  • I’ve Got Rhythm presents a simple stress management strategy based on the concept that there’s a suitable time for everything. Participants identify the current rhythm of their lives and decide what plans will help them flow with, rather than fight against, their natural rhythm. (15-30 minutes)
  • Goals, Obstacles, Actions is an in-depth planning exercise that helps participants set goals, formulate strategies for moving toward their goals, and monitor their progress. (30-60- minutes)

All these activities are complete with variations to adapt to your specific group or time frame. Each includes a full list of materials needed and suggestions to make your workshop run smoothly and professionally.

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