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Parenting on the Go

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Parenting on the Go $14.95
Effective discipline strategies for the busy, devoted parent

One of the most difficult tasks for parents is to discipline effectively and respectfully. Adding to the challenge, we are so busy these days we tend to cope with a problem in the easiest way, which is not always the best way. Or, we don’t cope with the problem at all.
Parenting on the Go gives quick access to parenting tips that will help you be the best parent you can be. You will actually practice responses to typical behavior problems so when the next issue comes up, you will respond appropriately and confidently. Your children will learn essentials skills that will build self-esteem and guide them toward responsible decision making. Written in a style that allows parents to spend ten minutes or so reading when they can catch a bit of time, it is a perfect resource for those living in today’s nanosecond world.

The book is divided into eight sections: each addresses a particular area of parenting and gives suggestions that really work.

• Creating a disciplined environment
• Increasing communication through difficult times
• Responding effectively to misbehavior
• Defusing a moment of anger
• Handling sibling battles
• Starting over when all else fails
• Nurturing responsible individuals
• Confronting the stress of parenting

Your children will learn to be responsible and make wise decisions. Parenting on the Go sets up a learning environment for your children. The discipline tips go beyond addressing the immediate issue to teaching children behaviors that will prevent future discipline problems. Your children will learn essential skills that will build self-esteem and guide them toward responsible decision making.