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Mind-Body Magic

Martha Belknap, MA

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A powerful medium for conveying your message

Tap into the magic of the mind-body connection with 40 feel-good activities that generate surprisingly deep results. Whether you're looking for an effective way to illustrate a point, an evocative spark for creativity, an effective prelude to problem-solving, or a memorable closing, Mind-Body Magic provides a professional bag of tricks for engaging, energizing, and motivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Sections include:

• Stretching Our Body/Mind
• Activating Our Energy
• Opening Up Our Creativity
• Relaxing into Stillness
• Recommended Reading

Table of Contents

Stretching Our Body/Mind
• River and Clouds
• As Easy as ABC
• Roots and Wings
• A Trip to the Beach
• Stretch to Infinity
• I Bow to the Earth
• Where in the World
• L-O-V-E Stretch
• Glad to be Me
• Good Morning Sun, Good Evening Moon

Activating Our Energy
• Pledge of Allegiance to Fun
• O Great Spirit
• Chakra Massage
• Auto/Body Check-up
• Weather Report
• Give Your Face a Lift
• World Travelers
• Seven Up
• Bumper Cars and Ghosts
• What a Character!

Opening Up Our Creativity
• Free to Be Heard
• As you B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
• Magical Metaphors
• My wildest Dreams?
• Cover Story
• Limitation and Freedom
• Rock, River, and Tree
• 15 Ways to Clean the Kitchen Floor
• Keeping Creativity Alive
• Real Estate Ad

Relaxing into Stillness
• Be Still and Know
• I Lift My Awareness
• Image That . . .
• Slow Down and Live
• Rainbow Balloons
• Dream House
• Cruising Down the River
• Become a Star!
• Sounds of Silence
• Am I Singing My Song?

Also included, Martha’s recommended reading list.

Martha Belknap’s vivid guided imagery, powerful mnemonic devices, and affirming metaphors for life make every presentation a memorable one.

What others are saying:


“This book is a beautiful exposition on yoga, mindfulness, and loving kindness.”


Joan Halifax, author of The Fruitful Darkness.


“Mind-Body Magic is strung with pearls of wisdom and practical exercises guaranteed to change one’s life.”


John Dovillard, C.D., author of Body, Mind, and Sport.

Also available: Reproducible Digital Worksheet Masters (PDF) (only available with purchase of book)