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Healing For Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Bonnie Collins, EdM, CSW-R, and Kathryn Marsh, CSW-R

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Healing For Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse $19.95Healing For Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Digital Worksheet Masters $12.95
As many as 20% of girls are sexually abused. When they reach adulthood, they may suffer from:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Interpersonal problems
• Disassociative experiences
• Sexual dysfunction
• Suicide

In Healing for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, you will find a complete 12-session program for treating clients whose problems stem from the sexual abuse they experienced as children.

The step-by-step program was developed and thoroughly tested by experienced therapists who have treated this population for many years. Some of the sessions are:

• Breaking the secret of abuse
• Understanding and releasing the shame
• Getting to know the child within
• Expressing repressed feelings
• Confronting the abuser
• Grieving for a lost childhood

Issues of social isolation, intimacy, and mistrust of others – issues best dealt with in a group setting – are addressed. As part of a group, participants learn they are not alone and gain acceptance from others, experience the opportunity to engage in meaningful social relationships, practice intimacy, learn to trust, and find support for their journeys.

A 13th session for significant others provides an opportunity to gather support from friends and family members.

Therapists providing services in a managed-care environment will appreciate the assessment tools, follow-up letters, and intake, recording, and review forms that are included.
Also available: Reproducible Digital Worksheet Masters (PDF) (only available with purchase of book)