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Go For The Gold: PDF eBook

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Go For The Gold: PDF eBook $15.00
A Ready-to-Run Lifestyle Change Workshop

Many of our customers have asked us for help putting together workshops on specific topics. We have assembled a group of ten ready-to-run topics from the materials in our seminal Structured Exercises in Stress Management and Structured Exercises in Wellness Promotion. Each has everything you need to present a successful, topic-focused, three-hour workshop including mini-lectures, handouts, and group activities. Don’t have three hours? We have included suggestions on how to cut the workshop back to an hour.

Go for the Gold will help you prepare quickly and efficiently for presentations on workplace stress. The multi-part session is flexible, so you can select the activities most appropriate for your group. They include:

• Rummage Sale is an icebreaker that quickly involves participants in exploring stress through object identification. (10-30 minutes)
• Go for the Gold is a skill-building exercise, where participants examine their personal goal-setting process and explore the effectiveness of organizing their day-to-day decisions toward specific targeted goals. (30-40 minutes)
• Red Rover allows participants to display their originality in moving from one side of the room to the other. (5-15 minutes)
• Imagine Success participants practice the technique of positive visualization, imagining themselves as successfully employing a selected coping skill. (15-30 minutes)
• With a Little Help from My Friends allows participants to consider the value of enlisting friends to help with lifestyle changes. They select a change they want to make and plan how friends can help. (30 minutes)
• Just for Today is a memorable planning process based on the twelve steps. It challenges participants to make concrete commitments to change. (15-20 minutes)
• Meet the New Me! Is a short closing ritual where participants imagine the health and vitality they will possess one year later. They introduce themselves as if the positive changes they planned have already taken place. (10-15 minutes)

All of these activities are complete with variations to adapt them to your specific group or time frame. Each includes a complete list of materials needed and suggestions to make your workshop run smoothly and professionally.
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