Don't Get Mad, Get Funny!

Leigh Anne Jasheway

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Don't Get Mad, Get Funny! $12.95
A light-hearted approach to stress management

What’s the easiest, most practical, and most affordable way to cope with stress? Respond to stress-filled days with the transforming power of laughter. Leigh Anne says,

Although it doesn’t feel like it, when you’re late to a meeting because the dog swallowed your keys, you make a choice about how that situation will affect the rest of your day. You may beat yourself [up] for being undependable, banish the dog to the backyard for a week, take out your hostility on everyone at work, or simply apologize for your tardiness by announcing, “A funny thing happened to me on the way to work…”

Throughout your day, whenever something unpleasant or unexpected happens, you make a choice how you will respond. The purpose of this book is to help you to see the “humor choice” and practice it every day.

Use this resource to enhance your stress management seminars as you add punch to your presentations and engage your listeners through the power of laughter, or recommend it to your clients and participants.

Table of Contents

• Help! I’m under so much stress, my inner child wants to be adopted!
• Last time I went to the doctor, the blood pressure cuff exploded
• Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk: What the three stooges knew about the benefits of humor
• Finding you funny bone
• That’s a plan, Stan!
• Your humor tools: simple steps
• Humor tools: advanced lessons
• Help! I can’t remember all this stuff!
• Additional resources on the positive benefits of laughter

What others are saying:

Leigh Anne Jasheway proves that comedy is accessible, necessary, and much too important to be left in the hands of “professionals”. If the people who could most benefit from reading this book fail to see the necessity of doing so, then it’s up to the rest of us to buy it. CAVEAT: Do not read this book after you stub your toe; read it beforehand. Frankly Don’t Get Mad, Get Funny! could make the world a safer place.

Brett Butler, star of Grace Under Fire

Since I believe that laughter IS the best medicine, and that if you laugh the world WILL laugh with you, how could I NOT like a book that promotes humor as a survival skill? It’s hard to teach people how to have a sense of humor, but Leigh Ann shows us that it is possible.

Jan Eliot, creator of the comic strip Stone Soup

This playful, practical powerful book will help you to manage stress…before it mismanages you. Don’t get mad…get this book.

Dr. Joel Goodman, Director
The HUMOR Project