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Creative Compromise: PDF eBook

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Creative Compromise: PDF eBook $15.00

Creative Compromise

A Ready-to-Run Conflict Management Workshop

Many of our customers have asked us for help with workshops on specific topics. We have assembled a group of ten ready-to-run topics from the materials in our seminal Structured Exercises in Stress Management and Structured Exercises in Wellness Promotion. Each has everything you need to present a successful, topic-focused, three-hour workshop, including mini-lectures, handouts, and group activities. Don’t have three hours? We have included suggestions on how to cut the workshop back to an hour.

  • Creative Compromise will help you prepare quickly and efficiently for presentations on interpersonal conflicts. The multi-part session is flexible so that you can select the activities most appropriate for your group. They include:
  • Tug of War is a game of strategy where participants pair up to explore alternative approaches to conflict. (5-10 minutes)
  • Conflict Management is a thought-provoking learning experience where participants explore four conflict-prevention skills and experiment with applying them to specific conflict situations. (60 minutes)
  • Hand Dancing helps those who hate to dance love this playful, easy process for mimicking a partner’s hand movements to music. (10 minutes)
  • Stop, Look and Listen uses a do-it-yourself study guide, and trios of participants experiment with techniques to improve listening skills and explore applications of empathy as a stress management strategy. (60 minutes)
  • Affirmative Action Plan is an attitude-changing exercise where participants develop a plan for using affirmations to manage a workplace stressor. (40-50 minutes)

All these activities are complete with variations to adapt to your specific group or time frame. Each includes a full list of materials needed and suggestions to make your workshop run smoothly and professionally.

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