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Confronting Sexual Harassment

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Working with Groups in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is the misuse of power. It can cause people to change careers, lose their jobs, and develop stress-related illnesses. The cost to organizations includes reduced productivity, poor morale, and high legal fees and court settlements. The exercises in Confronting Sexual Harassment will help you and your employees explore the issue, examine the underlying causes, understand the law, and prevent sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment training can help improve the organizational climate. All employees need training, not just managers and supervisors, but managers must be well prepared to communicate clearly their support of a harassment-free workplace and to demonstrate this in their behavior when dealing with the issue.

Confronting Sexual Harassment is designed to help explore sexual harassment: to look at the underlying causes, understand the law and the legal implications, examine the impact, motivate men to become allies, and empower women to speak up. It includes are variety of exercises, some geared to managers and supervisors, others to employees in general, and a few tailored specifically for women.

Sections include:

• Defining problems
• Exploring causes
• Considering consequences
• Preventing harassment
• Resources, including a section on how to use the book effectively

Also available: Reproducible Worksheet Masters on CD (only available with purchase of book)