Body Confidence

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Become reacquainted with the thrill of becoming strong, flexible, and alive in your body!

The focus of Body Confidence is not losing weight, but gaining confidence in your ability to create and maintain a healthy body. Penny Plautz's 10-week program leads you through a series of lessons and exercises that encourage you to surrender your weapons of mass distraction and allow you to experience peace with your body. Learning about your body, identifying your diet and exercise personality, and becoming aware of the patterns, people, and places that have shaped your life will help you achieve the nutritional and weight loss goals that make sense for you.

Body Confidence begins with the premise that nothing is wrong with you. It’s not that you don’t know how to reach your health and fitness goals, it’s that you don’t know how to stay motivated to maintain them.

Penny offers a compelling combination of wisdom and humor so that readers may access the unlimited well of power within them. As she says, “The self-confidence you develop will attract all kinds of opportunities to you—from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.”

This workshop-in-a-book is a must for anyone who is or has been at war with his or her body. Call a cease-fire and learn how to feel good about the body you’re in AND achieve your goals.

An excellent resource for group facilitators, Body Confidence serves a complete facilitator’s guide. Penny provides planning pages, suggested agendas, outlines, and experiential exercises. With added opening and closing sessions, Body Confidence becomes a 12-week course. A Digital Download (PDF) is available with reproducible worksheet masters.

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How to Get the Most Our of This Book and Yourself

Body Confidence Journal Pages

Part One
• What Happened?
• Start Where You Are
• Examine Your Expectations
• Explore Your Options
• Lighten Your Load
• Stretch Your Knowledge
• Feed Your curiosity
• Build Your Personal Power
• Move Into Your Life
• Body Confidence In the Bedroom, Boardroom & Beyond
• Resource Central

Part Two
• Facilitating Body Confidence
• Planning Pages

Also available: Reproducible Digital Worksheet Masters (only available with purchase of book)